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About San Diego

  • WalkScore    49
  • TransitScore  36
  • BikeScore       46
  • League of American Bicyclists' Rating:  Not rated


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San Diego 101

ahem... San Diego has over 100 breweries. (mic drop)

For those of you who still somehow require further convincing, SD also has $100M in dedicated funding for protected bike lanes, it has stunning weather by even "southern France" standards, it has a delightfully pervasive outdoor culture, and it has tons of active residents doing what you'll be doing. The food is fresh and healthy, the beach is endless, and the sun sets right into the ocean... that's exciting for people from the east coast. The strong conservative military subculture has somewhat limited the usual "California Weird" factor, but it's still a much more refreshing place to eat, drink, and be than anything most other states can offer. It's an easy place to fall in love with.

Biking in San Diego



This is an extremely active city with tons of runners, walkers, stroller runners, and carbon fiber roadies sharing the space, so make sure to use hand signals on paths as well as your bell to be polite when overtaking someone. Feel free to ride on the sidewalk if you feel uncomfortable, but walk your bike if there are "no biking" signs, or if there's a crowd.


Helmets are the law for riders under 18 years old. Music ear buds can be worn in only one ear. For night time riding, bikes must be equipped with reflectors on the pedals and wheels, with a red reflector on the rear. Additionally, you must have a front white light.


Mission and Coronado beaches have high theft, most likely from the laid back, "hey bra - no need to lock" cruiser culture, which means that just by using a lock, you're already ahead. Downtown is also a hotspot for theft, but the neighborhoods have lower theft rates. A sturdy u-lock on a real bike rack is probably fine, and always bring your bike inside at night unless absolutely impossible.

San Diego culture

Being a strong tourist destination, San Diego has a fairly diverse array of riders on display... Cruiser bikes dominating the beach scene, commuters enjoying their ride from Point A to Point Broadies on drop bars burning calories and DecoBike tourists soaking it all in at their own slow pace.




bike share

Discover Bike Share various locations (map) - $5 for 30 minutes (other options) for sturdy city bike with generator lights and a front basket for your bag


  • Holland Bicycles (Coronado) - $25+ daily for cruiser, city, fixie, hybrid, fat tire, long tail, electric, road, tandem, kids', bike trailer, kids's seat
  • Metrocyclery - $25 daily for cruiser
  • Stay Classy Bikes - $25+ daily for commuter, road and kids' bikes
  • The Bike Revolution - $20+ daily for city, cruiser, mountain, road, tandem, kids' bikes; trailer, kids' seat


  • Bike & Kayak Tours - $49 per person for tour of La Jolla
  • Bike Ride San Diego - $100+ per person for spandex, tour style guided tours of Fiesta Island, San Diego and Mission Bays, Coronado, Rancho Santa Fe, Point Loma, Heart of San Diego, Mount Soledad and Torrey Pines  
  • Fly Rides - $55+ per person for electric bike tour of La Jolla and Pacific Beach
  • Scenic Cycle Tours - $95+ per person for Mission Bay or Coronado tour includes bike, helmet, water and snacks


  • Metrocyclery  1211 Morena Blvd, San Diego - Transportation bike shop with electric, folding (BROMPTON), cargo, family and commuters 
  • MJ's Cyclery  3841 Park Blvd, San Diego, (619) 228-9220 - Transportation and city bike shop with urban clothing and accessories
  • North Park Bikes  3022 N Park Way, San Diego, (619) 255-3100 - Used and new bikes and repair shop


Spinlister is like the Airbnb of bikes!  Use promo code, BIKABOUT, for $10 off


 Balboa Park's grand entrance to museums like the Museum of Man and Museum of Art.

Balboa Park's grand entrance to museums like the Museum of Man and Museum of Art.

We're constantly updating this list of our favorite bike shops, coffee shops, restaurants, museums, scenic vistas, playgrounds, ice cream joints, microbreweries and more in San Diego.

Foursquare List - this app is better for on-the-go exploring.

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 The Pearl Hotel has complimentary beach cruisers for guests to borrow.

The Pearl Hotel has complimentary beach cruisers for guests to borrow.


Hotels that provide complimentary bikes and other bike amenities

AIRBNBS IN San diego

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 Bike friendly ferries will take you from downtown San Diego to Coronado.

Bike friendly ferries will take you from downtown San Diego to Coronado.

City Transit

MTS (Regional Map) - "Bikes are allowed on MTS vehicles free of charge, but space is limited. All MTS bus routes can accommodate two bicycles."


Coronado Ferry - $4.75 one way (bikes free) from Broadway Pier or the Convention Center to Coronado Ferry Landing.


Pacific Surfliner (San Luis Obispo - Santa Barbara - Los Angeles - San Diego) - Make a reservation for free bicycle roll-on service. "To get a closer look, you'd have to be on a surfboard, which, believe it or not, you're welcome to bring onboard, since the Pacific Surfliner has special racks to accommodate the bikes and boards of our more outdoor-minded riders."



Support Local Advocates

Bikabout donates 25% of annual revenue to local advocates. You, too, can power better biking in San Diego by becoming a member of San Diego County Bike Coalition!