About Denver

  • WalkScore     56
  • TransitScore  47
  • BikeScore       70
  • League of American Bicyclists' Rating:  Silver


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Denver is a unique experience for bike tourists who are only used to the east and west coasts of the United States. It has the vertical downtown business district and first-rate airport and train station of a major city, but the relaxed feel and outwardly friendly residents will immediately stand out to many residents of the coasts. Recently remodeled Union Station in downtown Denver features connectivity to Amtrak, light rail and bus service, and now boasts truly first-class hotel, restaurant, and bar amenities. Denver is a town full of canals, high tech businesses, a thriving art complex, all surrounded by scenery that most other cities would kill for.

101 on Biking in Denver


All three cities seemed to have little or no habit of ringing bike bells to warn of passing another cyclist, and very little use of hand signals for turns. You’re unlikely to get a lecture from other cyclists for failing to do these things, though they remain a great idea in the interest of not surprising others. Shared use paths abound, but most separate the cyclists from the walkers via a strip of paint, so ride slowly when sharing space with pedestrians and expect the unexpected.


Between sunset and sunrise, a front light and side & rear reflectors are required. We could find no helmet law. In Denver you may occasionally be tempted to want a helmet, but in Boulder and Fort Collins it is strictly a personal preference, given the dreamy separated infrastructure.


In Boulder and Fort Collins, it seems that bikes can be left locked up outside at night without an abnormal amount of fear of theft. In Denver, we would suggest bringing the bike inside at night if at all possible. And as always, a good quality u-lock does a much better job than a cheap cable lock.

Denver culture

The bike scene in Denver was, to our eyes, almost entirely one of drop bar bicycles.
Everyone from students to professionals makes their way around Denver’s bike paths
on something resembling a classic “ten speed.” Healthy lifestyles were evident in
abundance, riding paces were casual, and bike-share program B-Cycles were in use constantly.


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bike share

Bcycle - $8 daily, map


evo Denver - $20 daily for cruiser, city, mountain, road, tandem


Bikalope - $50 per person for a city tour

At Your Pace - Freestyle Cycling Adventures - $79-430+ per person for "Bike & Brews Guided Day Tour" or 3 day/2 night Denver self-guided bike tour. Lodging, breakfast, GPS routed, welcome orientation, on-site support



We're constantly updating this list of our favorite bike shops, coffee shops, restaurants, museums, scenic vistas, playgrounds, ice cream, microbreweries and more in Denver!





Hotels that provide complimentary bikes and other bike amenities



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City Transit

  • RTD - 100% buses equipped with bike racks and bikes allowed on light rail at all hours of operation (minor rules apply)


  • California Zephr (Chicago, Omaha, Salt Lake City, San Francisco) - $10 for checked bike ($15 bike boxes sold at station)



  • Delta - $150 to check bike
  • Frontier - $75 to check bike
  • JetBlue - $50 to check bike (folding bikes in container under 62 dimensional inches and 50 lbs are FREE)
  • Southwest - FREE to check bike

Support Local Advocates

Bikabout donates 25% of annual revenue to local advocates. You, too, can power better biking in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins by becoming a member of any of the great non-profits below!