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According to their Parliament, Europe enjoys €44 billion of economic activity from bicycle tourism annually.  And in the United States, Oregon has arguably been the most successful in promoting bike tourism collecting $360 million in 2012 (The Economic Significance of Bicycle Related Travel in Oregon).


Bike tourism casts a wide net of economic, environmental and social benefits, but the industries that directly benefit from a membership with Bikabout include:  Breweries, Cultural Institutions, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail, Transportation, Tourism and Vineyards and of course, Biking!

Value Proposal

Curated map for Bikabout member, Mansion Hill Inn. Β Now their concierge has an easy map to give people who use their bikes!

Curated map for Bikabout member, Mansion Hill Inn.  Now their concierge has an easy map to give people who use their bikes!

Hundreds of businesses in North America roll out the red carpet every day to people who want to to see cities by bike and we want to make sure this service is promoted!

Benefits of membership include:

  • Priority listing in our lodging directory, Pinterest boards and Foursquare lists
  • Banner ad on one city guide page
  • Banner ad if your business is featured in a curated bikabout route
  • Highlighted membership on a route map if an ambassador chooses your business as a rest stop
  • Social media partnership via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare
  • Lodging - curated bike route maps for guests in standard printing size.  Printing a durable, waterproof map that mounts to handlebars costs $10-22 depending on quantity ordered.


  • Beverage & Food                                         $100
  • Bicycle Rentals & Shops                                50
  • Cultural Institutions                                      100
  • Lodging                                                           500
  • Retail                                                                 50
  • Transportation (Airline, Bus line, Train)     200

25% of your membership gives back

We are committed to donating 25% of revenue every year back to local nonprofits that make our streets safer and more convenient for biking, walking and transit.

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