Lakeside Beer Tour in Seattle

Lakeside Beer Tour in Seattle

City Tour, 6 Miles


Sonia McBride, the route curator,   is a bicycle enthusiast and the clothing designer behind Babecycle.

Sonia McBride, the route curator, is a bicycle enthusiast and the clothing designer behind Babecycle.

This is an easy, flat, mostly on bike-trail ride that takes you from one body of water to another by way of Seattle's favorite green plant, the hop. Starting at Gas Works park, take in the view of Lake Union and downtown Seattle, paying special attention to the multitude of watercraft out on the lake. Work your way from Fremont to Ballard stopping at some iconic breweries, and some newer players on the scene, along the way. Enjoy the garden at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and end the night at Golden Gardens park, one of the few places in Seattle to sit on a white sandy beach while watching a spectacular sunset over the Olympic mountains. 

Map & Logistics

Click map image to download PDF

Click map image to download PDF




Pronto (Map) - $8 for 24 hours, first 30 minutes are free


  • Dutch Bike Company - $45 daily for Dutch mixte, roadster or bakfiets and includes lock and helmet
  • Montlake Bike Shop - $35+ daily for standard and tandem bikes and trailers.  Lock and helmet extra
  • Recycled Bicycles - $60+ daily for road, hybrid, trailer or trail-a-bike

Transit Connections

King County Metro - 100% of buses have bike racks and transit tunnel train is always accessible to bikes.

  • Start of Route - RapidRide, line E
  • End of Route - RapidRide, line D

What to Bring?

Money for beer, water bottle to stay hydrated, picnic accouterments


A. Gas Works Park  2101 North Northlake Way | | (206) 684-4075

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park

This park is located at the former site of the Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant; the immense rusted structure is surrounded by grassy knolls, and the park offers great views of the city. On most weekends you will find people flying all sorts of kites at the park. 

B. Fremont Brewing  1050 North 34th Street | | (206) 420-2407

Fremont Brewing Co. makes some fine beverages and has a wonderful outdoor seating area. The Fremont neighborhood is famous (to locals) for being the self-proclaimed "center of the universe" -- and so the brewery has a beer called the Universale Pale Ale. Many of the beers names play on these local inside jokes.  7 days 11am-9pm

C. Hales Ales  4301 Leary Way Northwest | | (206) 782-0737

According to the company website, Hales Ales is the longest running independently owned brewery in the NW, and one of the pioneers of craft brewing in the United States.  Su-Th 11am-10pm / F-Sa 11am-11pm

D. Swift Industries  1415 Northwest 49th Street | | (415) 608-8227

If you plan your ride accordingly, you can swing by the Swift Industries show room before heading over to Peddler Brewing. The local bicycle baggage manufacturer makes a full range of bags for bicycle touring and commuting, and you can choose your own colors!  Th-F 4-7pm / Sa12-5pm

E. Peddler Brewing  1514 Northwest Leary Way | | (360) 362-0002

We all know that bikes and beer go well together, but Peddler Brewing is Seattle's first bike themed micro brewery. They often host bike related events, and have tons of bike parking out front!  

F. Hiram Chittenden Locks  3015 Northwest 54th Street | | (206) 783-7059

South side of the Hiram Chittendon Locks

South side of the Hiram Chittendon Locks

Head over to the Ballard Locks to watch all variety of boats go through the locks, and enjoy the beautiful garden in spring and summer. There is a salmon ladder and lush amphitheater grassy seating. Visitor Center 7 days 10am-6pm / Fish Ladder Viewing 7 days 7am-8:45pm

G. Golden Gardens Park  8498 Seaview Place Northwest | | (206) 684-4075

Finish off the evening with a bonfire at Golden Gardens park, one of Seattle's most coveted spots during the summer months. This park is set against a backdrop of the Olympic mountains, and the waters of Puget sound crash on the sandy white beach. 7 days 4am-11:30pm


Ballard's Kiss Cafe is a perfect place to grab some sandwiches and beer to go.

Ballard's Kiss Cafe is a perfect place to grab some sandwiches and beer to go.

1. Ballard Kiss Cafe  2817 Northwest Market Street | | (206) 789-5477

Bike (and dog) friendly Kiss Cafe has all day breakfast and a wide selection of sandwiches and wraps (GF bread available) so whether you're in need of a quick bite or picnic provisions, this is a perfect roadside stop. Be sure to check out their retail selection of beer.