Biking Bermuda's By-places (Photo Essay)

I remember the day that I received a phone call from a tourism official saying they wanted to bring Bikabout to Bermuda. As someone who manages a bike tourism company that is also heavily involved in advocacy, I tend to get tunnel vision with the cities who rise to top of the trade news with their sexy projects of bike share, bridges or urban paths and trails. So you can forgive me for being both naturally ignorant of Bermuda's biking culture and amenities, but also intrigued by adding another year 'round destination for Bikabout.

Twist our arm and Team Bikabout traveled to Bermuda on a zero degree, February day in Boston. I remember landing with my daughter staring out the window at all the aqua-blue water and was instantly in a calm state of mind. Thus began our 5-day tour of the island's popular experiences (Crystal Caves, swimming with dolphins, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Swizzle Inn) and the lesser known nooks. Besides it being one of the best vacations we've had, the mental images that stick in my mind include natural beauty of rolling topography against crazy blue water,  colorful and historic architecture and the warm hospitality of Bermudians.

We have chosen our most memorable experiences and compiled this photo essay to inspire you use our Bermuda Travel Guide to plan your next island vacation!

Sipping Rum Swizzle

If you have your first taste of it here at the Swizzle Inn, "don't bother having it anywhere else," said our guides. "These guys do it best."

Playing in Banyan Trees

Bermuda Botanical Gardens has some incredible old trees you can experience hands-on.

Crystal Caves

About a hundred feet below this tree is an extensive, gorgeous cave system. discovered when someone's BBQ smoke disappeared into the ground.

Fort Scaur

Well-preserved fortifications just uphill from the Rail Trail.

Hangin' with Local Cheerleaders

Fat Tire Massive can show you parts of Bermuda that many locals don't even know.

Kristin White is Queen Bee of Culture and is also famous for her bike, "Shoshana."

Swim in a REAL Grotto

One of the perks of staying at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort. Colder fresh water on top, warmer salt water about a foot down.

A Natural "Kiddie Pool" at one of the World's Best Beaches

Horseshoe Bay Beach has a side section that's is mostly enclosed from the waves by a ring of rugged rocks.

Outdoor Game of Pool Complete with Live Music

Local 2-wheeled celebrity Shoshana the Trek enjoying Tobacco Bay.

Pool table and live music stage, Tobacco Bay.

first Home owned by former Slave, Freed for Piloting Ships

While you're there, pet the friendly guard cat named Dark, half of feline duo "Dark & Stormy."

St. George's

Aunt Nea's Inn, a welcoming, quiet place to stay right in town.

Ever-present Bermuda roofs, sloped to catch precious rainwater into an underground tank.

Gorgeous ruins

Gorgeous ruins

St. George's is rich in history, architecture and tucked away alleyways. We also found it to be the most walkable part of Bermuda.

humbled by dolpins

With so much buzz around the documentary, Blackfish, I would have never chosen the Dolphin Quest for myself, but I couldn't be happier that it was planned for us. The dolphins' home is in a former fort ship dock, which is now the National Museum of Bermuda and the organization is invested in science, conservation and education around our fragile oceans. There is nothing like looking an animal that smart in the eyes and feeling its strength.

The Former Artery of a Car-free Island

Former rail bed now offers you beachfront views.

Where a trellis rail bridge used to be now is a staircase with Dutch rail for bikes.

Where a trellis rail bridge used to be now is a staircase with Dutch rail for bikes.

Wear your sweater backwards if you wanna... you're on vacation.

Wear your sweater backwards if you wanna... you're on vacation.

Limestone slot canyons abound.

Limestone slot canyons abound.

Cooper's Island

Where NASA scientists once plotted their courses, you can now trek in quiet beauty.

Bermuda Travel Guide

Plan your Bermudian vacation with our guide complete with booking links for bike friendly airlines and accommodations, as well as island transportation, bike rentals and our favorite places to eat, drink and see by bike.