Hoppy New Year, Boston!

Hoppy New Year, Boston!

City Tour

Day 1 - 13 miles

Day 2 - 8 miles


The Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams) put Boston on the beer map in the late 1980s, and regional powerhouse Long Trail followed not long after.  Lesser known Cambridge Brewing Company also started in the late 1980s, and went on to influence countless local startups such as Vermont darlings Hill Farmstead.  And while the Boston beer scene largely languished during the the late 90s and 2000s, it has once again awoken and begun to flourish, with vibrant and daring beers coming from downtown and the immediate north.

You have 3 options for this ride depending on your riding mood and liver:

  • whole route, 8 locations - 17 miles
  • day 1 - 4 locations in Cambridge & Boston, 13 miles
  • day 2 - 4 locations in Chelsea, Everett & Cambridge 8 miles

Route disclaimer - While this route visits the best craft beverages that Boston metro has to offer, it is not up to our convenience and safety standards of biking in separated infrastructure from cars.  There are 3 very bad intersections (Sullivan Square rotary, Hwy 16/99 rotary in Everett, McGrath elevated highway at Washington) and some of the streets don't even have bike lanes or sharrows.  Please bike with a group of people and if you feel the least bit fearful, get off your bike wand walk.  Chelsea and Everett are no man zones for comfortable biking and we hope this route brings awareness that all cities need to work together for safe, regional connectivity.

You will need a credit card or $2.10 to ride the train one stop under the Boston Harbor.


Click map image to download PDF.

Click map image to download PDF.

Paper Map

Voice Navigation

Download the RideWithGPS app to experience these routes with voice navigation:

  • Day 1 - 4 locations in Cambridge & Boston, 13 miles
  • Day 2 - 4 locations in Chelsea, Everett & Cambridge 7 miles



Hubway bike share - $6 daily (check station map during Winter months for closure)


  • Cambridge Bicycle - $30 daily for Raleigh Classic Roadster with front basket, u-lock and helmet
  • Urban  AdvenTours - $35+ daily for hybrid, road, mountain, tandem and kids bikes with Kryptonite lock and helmet

Train Stations

$2.10 fare


  • Start of the ride - Kendall Square / MIT, Red Line
  • Crossing Boston harbor - Aquarium to Maverick, Blue Line
  • End of the ride - Central Square, Red Line

What to bring?

Cash for beer & food, layers of clothing, water bottle to stay hydrated, bike lights

Route Highlights:

day 1

A. Cambridge Brewing Company1 Kendall Square, Building 100, Cambridge | www.cambridgebrewing.com | (617) 494-1994

The oldest brewpub in the Boston area and makes some of the best local beers. They have a constantly rotating selection of beers spanning the style spectrum. Seek out their barrel aged and sour beers that almost always grace their taps. While here grab a bite to eat, food is key to a fun day of consuming the local libations. M-Th, 11:30am-10pm / F, 11:30am-11pm / Sa, 11am-11pm / Su, 11am-10pm

B. GrandTen Distillery383 Dorchester Avenue, Boston | www.grandten.com | (617) 269-0497

So many beers, time to switch it up to another local libations of handcrafted spirits. From their gin to their flavored spirits you can't go wrong. These guys love playing around with their still.  Sa, Noon-4pm

C. Trillium Brewery369 Congress Street, Boston | www.trilliumbrewing.com | (617) 453-8745

Known for their killer hoppy beers, stop by for some hoppy nectar tasters and be sure to leave with a growler to enjoy post biking. Th-F, Noon-7:30pm / Sa, Noon-6pm


If your palate is getting fatigued with all the beer, swing by the cider house and sample some apple goodness. Try the cranberry blend! Sa, 12-8pm / Su, 1-6pm

E. North Bank Bike Bridge

Beautiful new soaring pedestrian/bike bridge that finally connects Cambridge to Charlestown for the first time since 1835.

Day 2

Begin this day by taking the MBTA blue line from Aquarium to Maverick station. Bikes are allowed on weekends.

F. Mystic Brewery174 Williams Street, Chelsea | mystic-brewery.com | (617) 466-2079

Beautiful taproom and expertly crafted saisons. After biking all day their thirst quenching table saison will be the perfect refreshment.  W-Sa, 11am-9pm


Born from a passion for our homebrewing hobby, Night Shift has developed into a beast of its own. Specializing in pushing the boundary of what beer can be by brewing fresh hoppy beers, barrel aged treats and using funky ingredients like purple carrots to habanero peppers to craft one of a kind beers. One the weekends hit up the food truck parked out front! M-F, 3-10pm / Sa, 12-10pm / Su, 12-6pm

H. Idle Hands87 Santilli Highway, Everett | www.idlehandscraftales.com | (617) 819-4353

These guys are crafting Belgian and Farmhouse beers that are sure to please your palate. Don't be scared of the warehouse location there is good people and good beer inside! Warning: Idle Hands tasting process is wonky. You buy a tasting glass for $6, get 8 tastes, BUT you have to wait in line 8 times to refill it. Th,  3–7pm / F, 5–8pm / Sa 12–5pm

*Idle Hands has temporarily moved in with Night Shift to make way for a casino. In the Spring of 2016, they are moving to 89 Commercial Street in Malden and will have to be removed from this route (out of bikeable distance). 

I. Puritan & Co1166 Cambridge Street, Cambridge | www.puritancambridge.com | (617) 615-6195

After a long day of biking you deserve a killer meal. Hit up Puritan for fresh New England farm inspired menu. Relax, enjoy the food, your company and a final tasty beer. F–Sa, 5:30–11pm / Su, 10:30am–2pm, 5:30pm–10pm